down in mexico

my best friend andrea and i finally managed to take a real vacation together. we synchronized and became friends about 7 years ago and somehow the furthest destination we've ever traveled to was los angeles and vegas. we're 2 girls living in san francisco of the hustler class and constantly on the daily grind to make rent and supply our habits (good food. black shoes. black drapey clothing among other things.. yenno), which restricts us to enjoy the luxury of travel. both of us came to a stump and realized that we needed to get the hell out of this place. well after 7 years of talking about laying on a tropical beach together sipping on some cool beer and a big ass coconut and not having a worry in the world...we've finally accomplished it. we booked our tickets a week before our travel date and took off to baha california sur in mexico. it was a dream and every element of being there nourished us in just the way that we so desperately needed together. swimming in the warm ocean all day in the tropic of cancer, watching the sunset and toasting away on our beach front resort  for five days was just the perfect dose. next destination for us: france.